Entering the Mongolian market

The "BARILGA EXPO 2024" international exhibition is set to take place with the theme "build smart...". The exhibition, which has been held continuously for 17 years in the construction industry of Mongolia, will be held on April 12-14, 2024 at the Buyant-Ukhaa Sports Palace.

Recently in the international construction industry, there are many technological advances such as automation, construction management software, BIM, zero heat leak building, VR, AR, AI /artificial intelligence/, and industry is paying particular emphasis to sustainability. 

To align with worldwide trends, facilitate the adoption of these swiftly evolving digital transitions and cutting-edge technologies in the Mongolian market, and provide eco-friendly options that alleviate human labor,

The special feature of this exhibition is that at this fair, new housing, construction materials, advanced technology and equipment are presented at the same time, as well as the opportunity to present large-scale products and services such as machinery, tools, equipment, etc.

Enterprises operating in the following areas will participate in the exhibition. 

It includes:

In the field of construction materials and advanced technology

By participating this exhibition which is expanding year by year, more than 400 enterprises and about 38,000 visitors and consumers gather,

During the exhibition days, construction industry meetings, professional training, and seminars will be conducted for participating companies and customers. Additionally, the annual event "best enterprise" selection ceremony will take place.

The international exhibition "BARILGA EXPO 2024" will coincide with these events, providing an opportunity for construction industry enterprises to showcase their projects, products, and services to the target market.  

Registration - https://forms.gle/hxrakDNTtBvPoy5L7
General Organizer: BARILGA.MN
Web: www.barilgaexpo.mn
Email: expo@barilga.mn, marketing@barilga.mn
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