‘‘BARILGA EXPO 2023’’- international construction fair

‘‘Barilga Expo’’ international exhibition and fair are scheduled traditionally every spring and autumn in the industry and the ‘‘Barilga Expo’’ has been organized in the Mongolian market for the last 15 years at Misheel Expo center. 

·        Building materials, technique, and technology on 28-30 April 

Around a hundred organizations, and broadcasters of advanced construction materials and technology will introduce their products at ‘‘Barilga Expo 2023’’.  During the exhibition days, you can acquaint all the necessary information in one place, such as the latest techniques and technology in the construction industry, the products, and building materials of official distribution companies and domestic manufacturers. Therefore, individuals and citizens who are planning to build their own houses and apartments can get free advice for material selection, construction design, budget, and material selection from professional consultants.

·        International construction fair on 05-07 May 

The Mongolian construction industry accounts for 3.7 percent of the total domestic product, it is a "consumer country" that imports about  60-70 percent of the materials used in the construction industry. In addition, it is significant that building materials should be a positive environmental impact on products and human health.

Thus, the International construction fair will be provided you with all opportunities such as materials of construction with a positive impact product on environmental, and human health, and the high-advanced techniques of official rights companies. 

·        Real state on 12-14 May 

At Misheel Expo center the projecting implementers in new apartments, houses, or offices will participate in the Real state exhibition and fair. You can get to know the latest design houses and new apartment projects, optimal solutions for living apartments that are being ordered in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

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 expo@barilga.mn or +976 91919442


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